My blog is up and running, but it looks a little basic right now. While I appreciate the simple look (It makes things easy to read), there are a few elements I’d like to add, to make it more interesting and “alive”.

So, here is my to do list for this blog:

  • Make it more colorful. Change the colour of the big title and of post titles. Change all other colours to match one specific colour scheme.
  • Change the avatar. That icon over there is cool, but I’d like something more personal. that goes well with the colour scheme.
  • Image previews. I’d like my list of posts to show preview images if available, and icons based on the post type. This is mostly because I plan to post some of my drawings in here, and it’d be nice if they could be seen from the preview in the main page.
  • Tags, categories, and other blog elements. This is what makes dynamic blogs nice, and I know Jekyll can do it (I just need to learn how…)
  • Add a page for links, and a page for projects.

And that’s it! I give myself one week to complete these. Let’s see if I make it. :)