a picture of Melyanna and two Payday2 cosplayers This picture was taken in October 2014 at Lucca Comics and Games, the biggest Con in Italy, and is one of the few photos of me you can find on the internet. Actually, this is also one of the few photos of me that I like, in addition to finding it very funny due to an in-joke I might explain one day (let’s just say I’ve given this game so many hours of my life, it’s part of me now…).

Many things have changed in just two years, and I wish I could go back to being in such a great physical shape (I was training for half marathons back then, now I can’t find the time even for short walks outside). Perhaps this could be one of my belated New Year Propositions?

I’ll be documenting my progress here, unless there is no progress at all, so if you don’t see me mentioning running in this blog again, you know it didn’t work. :D