Chelsea stadium It’s been quite some time since my last update, and I feel a little guilty for temporarily abandoning this blog. I have many things to do and little energy to do them and I had to go on a work trip last week, which didn’t really help, so all of my projects ended up being on hold.

On the positive side, I had a really good time in London (for a business trip anyway): I met some really nice people and I just love the place anyway. I took the picture in this post during my trip and you can see that my job does take me to interesting places, even though I couldn’t care less about football.

Here is a list of things I am working on; let’s see if writing them here helps me find my motivation again:

  • Continue my Python course on Code Academy.
  • Finish my Twine projects (and start one in English that I can share with more people).
  • Resume my daily sketches. Now that I have a tablet I can sketch on the train more easily.
  • Write that article about the creepy Polish video.
  • Re-arrange the file structure of this blog, and update old posts accordingly.
  • Finish “Life is Strange” (Awesome game)
  • Cleanup my inbox.
  • Set up the conferences and meetings for the skeptics association I am involved with.

The last two items on the list are actually the more important ones, and I really need to focus on those right now. And, in addition to all that stuff, I still want to go back to running and to healthier life habits.

I am sorry for the very personal, very random ramblings, but I really wanted to write something that would at least get me to update this blog, and remove one item from the above list.