For the sake of keeping this blog going, I have decided that I will write progress updates every week. These updates will cover both my work on this blog, ad well as my work on myself, as I strive to improve.

So, behold the comeback of the mighty “Todo list”:

  • Continue my Python course on Code Academy.
  • Finish my Twine projects (and start one in English that I can share with more people).
  • Resume my daily sketches. Now that I have a tablet I can sketch on the train more easily.
  • Write that article about the creepy Polish video.
  • Re-arrange the file structure of this blog, and update old posts accordingly.
  • Cleanup my inbox.
  • Start jogging again. I need to come to terms that the benefits of running are much greater than the things I have to give up to do it (ie: sleeping and reading).
  • Update my Goodreads account.
  • Restore the tags, add preview images to posts, restore the share buttons, add a gallery for images.
  • Add a subscription button.

The first few entries are the same of a previous update. This isn’t a mistake: it’s just I haven’t done anything on the list so far. Looking at the planned updates I have for this blog, something tells me that I’ll have to move from Github Pages to creating my blog locally: plugins would make thins 10000 times easier.

Well, here we go. I do have a comment section right there if whoever reads this wants to let me know how their day is going.