It’s Thursday already, so it’s time for another of my progress updates. This week hasn’t been as productive as I would have wanted it to be, but overall I am happy for how it went. If I can keep up introducing small improvements every week, I am sure I will reach some of my goals wihtout the usual burnout I feel when I rush and put too much effort on things in too little time. I have added some goals to my list to replace those I have accomplished.

Here is a list of things from the previous week that I was able to do:

  • Re-arrange the file structure of this blog, and update old posts accordingly.
  • Cleanup my inbox.
  • Restore the tags and share buttons to this blog. I am still unhappy with the share buttons (I am using an external service now, and they load slowly), but they do their job so far.

And here is my most up to date “Todo list”:

  • Continue my Python course on Code Academy.
  • Finish my Twine projects (and start one in English that I can share with more people).
  • Resume my daily sketches. Now that I have a tablet I can sketch on the train more easily.
  • Write that article about the creepy Polish video.
  • Start jogging again. I need to come to terms that the benefits of running are much greater than the things I have to give up to do it (ie: sleeping and reading).
  • Update my Goodreads account.
  • Add preview images to posts of this blog and an email subscription button.
  • Write (and follow) and editorial calendar.
  • Make a lading page that can sit on my domain (though I am tempted to just use and make up my mind about where to put my content.
  • Make more content. Right now, I have few things all over the place. I need to make more things and put them all in the same places.

Back to work now…