It has been ages since my last updated and I have ended up negleting this blog again. To my defense (hopefully this doesn’t sound so much like an excuse), it’s been an extremely difficult time at work, and in my spare time I had no energy left to dedicate to my personal projects. I have thus made almost no progress from my todo list, as I was only able to start setting up a landing page on my domain. The page itself is using one of the standard layouts that GitHub Pages offer, has almost no content, and a grand total of two working links, but it’s a start, right?

So here is my up to date “Todo list”:

  • Continue my Python course on Code Academy.
  • Finish my Twine projects (and start one in English that I can share with more people).
  • Resume my daily sketches. Now that I have a tablet I can sketch on the train more easily.
  • Write that article about the creepy Polish video.
  • Start jogging again. I need to come to terms that the benefits of running are much greater than the things I have to give up to do it (ie: sleeping and reading).
  • Update my Goodreads account.
  • Add preview images to posts of this blog and an email subscription button.
  • Write (and follow) and editorial calendar.
  • Update my lading page.
  • Make more content. Right now, I have few things all over the place. I need to make more things and put them all in the same places.

One more thing I did, that kind of fits with the last point of my list, is cleaning up my tumblr blog, so I can use it as a proper art blog, containing just my drawings and a small selection of the photos I take. Tumblr is ideal to share art: it makes pictures look good and it has a strong community that makes it easy for people to see the content, share it, and follow artists for new works. I’ll probably get rid of my DeviantArt account at some point, and only keep Tumblr.

I hope to be able to go back to updating this blog more regularly now that things at work and in life have calmed down a little.