I have finished setting up my landing page on my domain. The page is still using one of the standard layouts that GitHub Pages offers and has almost no content, but at least now all links work properly and the page itself is usable. I’d like to customize it more, maybe change the fonts and add some pictures to showcase my artsy side, but I’ll do that in time.

I am using GitHub Pages to host the page, Amazon Route 53 to handle the domain, and CloudFlare for security and optimization. CloudFlare is probably a bit too much for what I am doing, but knowing how it works might be helpful in the future.

a screencap of my twine story I have started working with Twine on a dungeon crawler type of game. The game is not ready to showcase yet, though it is hosted on GitHub and my repository is public, so it is actually possible to access it and play around. I am considering linking it to Unity via Cradle, to make it a bit more fancy and move away from text only, but I never used Unity and I don’t have the time or energy to make visual assets, so I am not sure this is will ever be anything more than an experiment.

RPG Maker could also be an interesting tool, though I am not a fan of the cute JRPG style and it doesn’t look like the tool would allow me to move away from that too much. Another option could be Pygame, but I would have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it. Both RPG Maker and Pygame would also have the same issue Unity has, where I would be forced to make assets, and on top of it, I’d have to prototype in Twine but then re-build everything from scratch. This would be a bit too much for a simple hobby.