Turin Not as much progress as I wanted, but I am feeling very positive and optimistic, which is no doubt the result of the one week holiday I took last week: I really needed some time off to rest and decompress. I had initially planned to use my week off to progress on my website, update this blog and do some more work on Twine, but I was so tired in the end I mostly slept and watched youtube videos. I did go to Turin one day and the visit was absolutely awesome! I really need to figure out a nicer way to share pictures in this blog: I didn’t take many, but I really want to share them.

An old oven near a farm where I run I barely touched my landing page, but I am a lot happier with it, even with those small changes, as it’s starting to have its own character and doesn’t look that much like the (awesome) standard template anymore.

Even so, I feel like spending time with my family and relaxing has been totally worth the almost non existant progress with my “Todo list”: I feel like I have the energy now to go back on track and pick up all the activities and goals I had set for myself.

So here is my up to date “Todo list”:

  • Continue my Python course on Code Academy. I haven’t done anything to progress, but the code editor keeps freezing my browser, so I didn’t touch the courses to avoid the frustration.
  • Finish my Twine projects, and start one in English. I haven’t finished my old project, but I stared a new one in English and it’s looking nice so far. I need to find the willpower to work on a couple of boring tasks before I can start sharing it.
  • Resume my daily sketches. I haven’t picked up a pencil in a long time. I really need to work a bit more on this.
  • Write that article about the creepy Polish video. I have abandoned this. It wasn’t very interesting anyway.
  • Start jogging again. I went for a run a couple of times last week, and I definitely want to keep going!
  • Update my Goodreads account. No progress at all with this. The account is there collecting dust. This feels too much like a chore, but it needs to be done.
  • Add preview images to posts of this blog and an email subscription button. I have the email subscription page! Preview images aren’t there yet, but I feel like they are very much needed.
  • Write (and follow) and editorial calendar. Nothing at all so far.
  • Update my lading page. Little progress here, but better than nothing. And I am feeling inspired now.
  • Make more content. Working on it. I want to make something that I can share and that people can enjoy.

I will be abroad for work this week, but I am off again the week after, and now that I am not so tired, I really hope to make a lot more progress with my “Todo’s”.