I started week three of the “C25K” program this morning, and it went well. Now it’s time I get more serious about stretching.

For runners, week three of this program is a piece of cake: something they would do as a warm-up exercise no doubt. But for beginners, this is a bit of a big deal: it’s the first time the program doubles your running time, instead of increasing it in a gradual way.

At this stage, you still do more walking than running in the 30 minutes training, but it is rewarding to see the progress you are making, all by yourself.

Besides from running, there has been little progress with my other goals, but I am confident I will get there.

I have decided to use a different tool to write and edit my posts: up until now, I have written them with Notepad++, but today I am using Hemingway.

Hemingway is a great tool for non native English speakers. It finds spelling errors, checks the structure of paragraphs and sentences, and tells you when they are not optimised for reading.

I am using the web app for this blog post, but I might get the desktop version at some point since it would let me format my text and then export it as markdown.