I have been running Ubuntu and then Xubuntu on my laptop for quite a long time, and loved both.

However, my laptop’s hardware is only getting older (especially the graphic card), and I don’t do much with it, other than browsing the internet, checking emails, and other essential office stuff. (With bonus scanning and uploading of my artworks once every five years).

And this is why I am always looking for an OS that is as light and smooth as possible, without having to compromise too much in terms of look & feel and functionality.

I’ve read good things on Elementary OS pretty much everywhere, as every review is saying how it’s easy to use, light, and it looks beautiful. I also always liked the “no ads” approach, as explained in this post on Medium.

I was home from work this week, took the opportunity to do a little “laptop housekeeping”, and decided to give Elementary OS a try. I used a Live USB pen first, then went all in and installed it as primary and only OS (I even erased my Windows 10 partition as it was way too sluggish on my laptop and I didn’t use it that much anymore).

The installation went perfectly well, thanks to Etcher, and my laptop runs perfectly fine, after just a bit of back and forth to make my graphic card behave. But I knew this would be an issue: Elementary is built on Ubuntu, just like Xubuntu is, so I’ve been struggling with the Nvidia drivers for quite some time now.

I’ll be sharing more thoughts on this distro as I get to know it better, but so far I can say I am impressed. (It does look good, doesn’t it?)

desktop screenshot showing the Elementary GUI