Being stuck at home with the flu was unexpectedly productive!

I did update this blog’s backend, and it took me much less time than I expected. Everything went smoothly, and I finished in less than 30 minutes. If everything looks the same as before, it’s because updating was so smooth it wasn’t worth trying to change anything.

I also practiced Spanish and German using Duolingo. Studying two languages at the same time might sound too much, but I already know German, I just need to refresh my memory. And Spanish is quite similar to Italian, so it’s easier to learn the vocabulary.

When I wasn’t studying foreign languages, I spent time reading Crash Override (anybody in tech should read it) and playing “Life is Strange. Before the storm”, which is really sad, except for the part in which you get to play a table-top game inside the video-game.

screenshot from Life is strange showing the main character with dice and a RPG figurine of an elf

I dipped my toes in Twee2 and now that I figured it out I can see why it could be better than the Twine GUI. I also spent some time learning more about elementaryOS and Ubuntu.

What I didn’t do, is practice Python. I regret it, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I did have a sore throat and high temperature, so I kind of feel excused.

I am going back to work tomorrow and it’s D&D night, so I guess my productivity is going to suffer. I’ll try to wake up early during the weekend and not spend most of my time on the couch doing nothing in particular.