I joined NaNoWriMo today, on a whim.

I have always wanted to join, but all I have ever written is the bunch of short stories I have published here, so I am not sure I have the skills to carry on this task. I have many characters in my mind, with their backgrounds, quirks, and stories, but they are mostly fuel for my pen and paper RPG campaigns, and I don’t really have any kind of plot yet worthy of turning into a long story (I can’t even make myself type the word “novel”!).

I have two outlines that I always wanted to turn into proper stories: one is set in an original, dark fantasy setting, with my own characters; the other is a silly piece of fanfiction that I have pretty much written in my head and that I revisit when I am feeling anxious and need to take my mind off whatever is causing my anxiety.

For NaNowriMo, I decided to pick the fanfiction: I don’t really think I’ll publish it on my blog or anywhere in the internet, and it may seem silly (the story is silly), but it’s easier to use characters and a world that a professional writer has created. It’s an exercise I am doing for fun and for myself after all, and I have no intention of profiting from any intellectual property (not that I am good enough to do it anyway).

I am planning to use Quilter and Write.as to write and store my writings, and if t,his goes well, I’ll write here about my progress.

I am hoping that NaNowriMo will help me pick up the habit of writing regularly, which would definitely benefit this blog, and give me the consistency I need to finish my projects, including my Twine tutorials and games.